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Types of beauty salon insurance UK

What Insurance does a Beauty Salon Insurance Uk need? Running a salon has some risk. Things go wrong sometimes and that is the reason all Salon owners require a set of insurance policies. A Salon owner should go for the necessary insurance policies. Insurance companies like Insync insurance, provide something as a business owner policy …

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Meta tags – the shop window of the digital shopping street

Meta tags are essential for displaying a page in search results and attract visitors to your website – if they are properly optimized. Meta tags are part of a website’s HTML code. Its main job is to provide information about the website to search engine crawlers. This can be influenced automatically or manually by defining the title …

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SEO: How to Avoid Most Common Onsite Mistakes

Even if new insights are often gained in the SEO scene, a few mistakes always remain the same over the years. Semrush analyzed the most common mistakes in a study. As part of a study, the SEO tool provider Semrush analyzed 150,000 randomly selected websites worldwide – and examined 175 million individual pages and 15 billion links. The aim was to …

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SEO for Duckduckgo: This is how you score with the search engine alternative

When it comes to SEO, most people immediately think of Google, but there are other search engines in the shadow of the Internet giant. Alternatives such as Duckduckgo that are particularly concerned with data protection are becoming increasingly popular. What SEO tactics are pulling here? Googling has become synonymous with research on the Internet in our vocabulary. Not …

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Instagram: 7 tips for good self-marketing

You don’t always have to become an influencer to use Instagram successfully for self-marketing. How to make your expertise visible and expand your network. The world of influencers is immensely seductive. Range. Notoriety. Maybe earn a little more money … But if you look at the one billion users that Instagram currently has every month, very few make it to influencers . Not everyone …


How to increase the response rate to online surveys

The response rates to online surveys have fallen across all industries since the introduction of the GDPR , in some cases by half. What can companies do to increase it? Here you will find eight practical tips. 1. Tell everyone: we’re starting a survey! In many companies, online surveys run “on the side”. Few of the potential attendees and staff know they are taking place. Communicate …


Why you shouldn’t generate ratings with competitions

Positive reviews are now almost indispensable for every company to advertise their own performance on the Internet. So what could be more natural than making ratings in a competition a condition of participation? Not a good idea, warns our guest author. Positive statements from third parties have an objective effect in advertising and are therefore regularly rated higher by potential interested …


9 tips for successful newsletter marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important disciplines in online marketing. But not every newsletter is well received by customers. With these tips you can bring your newsletter marketing forward. Marketing via email is an obsolete model in times of social media? Not correct. The distribution of newsletters is and remains an important component in your marketing. With well thought-out …