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Coating and stains: this is what your tongue tells you about your health

White coating or red spots? Now you can stick your tongue out – without a guilty conscience. Because the sensitive sensory organ not only transmits whether something tastes sweet or salty. But there are also indications of certain diseases. Everyone knows this from visits to the doctor: Please open your mouth wide! The doctor often starts his diagnosis …


Conversion optimization: These tricks help with the web shop

Is everything looking good in your webshop? Have you found and filled a nice template for the product pages? Then take another look after reading this text. People make around 20,000 decisions a day, a wide variety of decisions. Picking up a toothbrush is one thing, choosing a side dish at lunch is another. Even if we would like it to be different, …


Kidney Transplantation – Chances and Risks of Living Donations

Frank Walter Steinmeier did it for his wife – he gave her a kidney. The number of living donors and those who survive thanks to such an organ has been growing for years. But donating life also harbors risks for the donor that should not be underestimated. The regional express stops once an hour in Paulinenaue, a …


How high is your risk of addiction?

Pills, alcohol, chocolate, shopping, betting, sports, sex or drugs – test whether you are at risk of addiction. Addiction doesn’t just begin with a glass of beer in the evening or a regular cigarette. Those who cannot resist certain pleasures and even increase the dose gradually often gradually builds up an addiction. Addictive substances not only include …


How psychotherapies work – and what side effects threaten

Depression, bulimia, addictions – different therapies are useful depending on the illness. In most cases, they will help in a short time. But like any treatment, psychotherapy also carries the risk of side effects. There are three broad groups of disorders that are also the most common reasons for going to a psychotherapist: first, anxiety, second, depression, …


Always angry? Maybe you have toxoplasmosis

If you meet a traffic hooligan on the street who is pushing, scolding or even showing the middle finger – then he could be suffering from toxoplasmosis. The infection can actually cause outbursts of anger. Fortunately, not everyone infected develops aggression, otherwise there would be many more rowdies on the streets. The pathogen Toxoplasma gondii attacks the …


In currywurst and coleslaw: How to spot hidden sugar traps

“Without sugar” is considered healthy. But “without sugar” doesn’t taste good. So the food industry brings sweetness into its products in many forms. Nobody has to remember the complicated names to identify hidden sugars. “Öko-Test” reveals how it is easier. Ever since sugar fell into disrepute as a health hazard, the food industry has had a problem. Because the nutrient …

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9 cancer risks that hardly anyone knows – and that can be avoided

Smoking, junk food, obesity – most people are familiar with these risk factors for developing cancer. But there are also sources of danger that you would never think of in life. It’s worth avoiding them in the future. It can be the cream you put on your face every morning, the beloved hamburger or a habit at …


Stomach cancer emerges years beforehand – these symptoms must be taken seriously

Stomach cancer is not as common as colon or breast cancer, but the prognosis is less favorable. FOCUS Online explains the reasons why early detection is therefore particularly important, the current therapies and what belongs to prevention. Stomach cancer is not uncommon, with around 15,000 new cases per year on the list of carcinomas. 9,300 men and …