How high is your risk of addiction?

Pills, alcohol, chocolate, shopping, betting, sports, sex or drugs – test whether you are at risk of addiction.

Addiction doesn’t just begin with a glass of beer in the evening or a regular cigarette. Those who cannot resist certain pleasures and even increase the dose gradually often gradually builds up an addiction. Addictive substances not only include illegal drugs, alcohol , nicotine or tablets. Non-substance-related addictions that affect behavior also play a role, such as uncontrolled shopping or eating, excessive exercise, sex or gambling. They can change personality, make you mentally and physically ill. Answer the following questions and find out more about your individual addiction risk.

Note: Please keep in mind that this is only a short test and cannot replace a medical diagnosis. Not all of the listed signs have to be symptoms of an addiction risk. But if you suspect that you are at risk of addiction, you should definitely consult a doctor / psychologist.

Technical advice: Dr. med. Dr. phil. Dr. rer. pole. Felix Tretter, chief physician in the addiction department at the Haar district hospital, and the German headquarters for addiction issues DHS, Hamm

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