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How Will I Behave Today and the Rest of My Life?

A commentary-cum-storybook based on Guidelines for Being a Good Person. Themes of love and respect for parents and elders, siblings and friends, and, indeed, all beings as well as of trustworthiness and honesty run throughout the stories in a mixture of humor, poignancy, and old-fashioned fables.  (To download pdf please click here.)

Awaken to the Buddha Within

Beginning with Buddha's life, this book explores what he experienced: causality and impermanence, compassion and altruism. Understanding his teachings of morality, concentration, and wisdom can help us to find within ourselves the answers we seeking. Whether our goal is to find current happiness or to walk the path to awakening, the teachings will help us to progress as he did—one  step at a time.  (PDF 542 KB)


path to peace

This book provides daily thoughts to help us be the kind of person we wish to be: someone who is considerate of others, who on understanding him- or herself and others, lets go of anger and finds peace. The link to this title will take you to the Amitabha Pureland web site where you can access the book on a daily basis. Also, there are some movies of path to peace at the Amitabha Gallery.


Everything We Do Matters

This book explores how by learning to maintain a calm, clear mind, we will gradually transform our greed, anger, and ignorance into compassion and equanimity. It is so important that we do this because our current thoughts are leading to consequences that are affecting not only ourselves but our environment and even our world and all the beings in it.  (PDF 919 KB)


In One Lifetime: Pure Land Buddhism

For those who would like to learn how to practice Pure Land Buddhism, this book explains some of the basic principles as well as how to set up one’s meditation area, and how to do sitting, walking, and bowing practice. It contains a chanting session that can be used for individual practice. A section on the Five Guidelines provides a list and brief explanations of the guidelines we use in our daily practice. (PDF 259 KB) 

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