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Buddhism: The Awakening of Compassion and Wisdom

This is an excellent book on Mahayana Buddhism, with a focus on the Pure Land school. After explaining that Buddhism is an education, it discusses the goal of practice as well as the symbolism of Buddhist images and offerings. Covered in depth are the Five Guidelines of the Three Conditions, Six Harmonies, Threefold Learning, Six Paramitas, and Ten Great Vows. ( 553 KB PDF)

The Awakening of Loving-kindness

This book is a collection of several of Master Chin Kung's talks which have a connecting theme of personal growth and interfaith harmony. Included are "Everyone Can be a Buddha" and "The Foundation of all Religions: Loving-kindness and Compassion." (PDF 306 KB)

Taking the Three Refuges

In this compilation of two talks, Master Chin Kung explained the meaning of taking the three refuges: Taking refuge in the Buddha—awakening without delusion; taking refuge in the Dharma—proper understanding without deviation; taking refuge in the Sangha—purity without pollution.  (PDF 188 KB)

The Benevolent Person Has No Enemies

Master Chin Kung discussed what to do in the face of adversity and criticism, described some of the qualities of a Bodhisattva, and briefly explained the Ten Attainments, his list of the essential qualities of a Bodhisattva.   (PDF 129 KB)

Changing Destiny

A commentary on Liaofan's Four Lessons, this book tells how Yuan Liaofan, destined to be heirless and to die young, learned from a Zen master how to change destiny. Following the master’s advice, Mr. Yuan attained all that he sought, and more. The life-changing principles in his book are as important today as they were 500 years ago. ( 1,438 KB PDF)